Thursday, September 17, 2015

New Informed-Choice Logo on Immunocal Boxes

Very soon, when Consultants receive their Immunocal boxes, they will notice a new logo ( Trusted by sport) on the top panel of each box.  

This logo signifies that the world-class anti-doping lab, LGC - Science for a Safer World, with its quality-assurance program, is stating that Immunocal is free of banned substances.
So whether you are a weekend warrior or Olympic Gold Medalist, you can enter your competition with “peace of mind” knowing that Immunocal has been tested by one of the top programs worldwide.

Many natural products are available that claim to help your immune system, but very few have undergone the rigorous testing and published human trials that Immunotec has accomplished over the years. Over forty published scientific and medical articles attest to its remarkable credibility.