Tuesday, December 2, 2014

2014 Incentive Trip - A huge success!

The crew on the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas® ship did not realize what was happening when more than 600 Immunotec Consultants and their guests boarded on November 17th setting sail for Labadee, Haiti and Ocho Ríos, Jamaica!  The Immunotec Consultant’ fervor and passion were infectious throughout the 5-day cruise!
The trip celebration actually began on Sunday, November 16th when Consultants from Canada, United States, Dominican Republic, Mexico and United Kingdom arrived at the Hyatt Pier 66 and the Hilton Marina Hotel in Fort Lauderdale. 

That evening, everyone received a personal invitation from Charlie Orr, CEO, to join the corporate team for a Caribbean Soirée by the pool at Pier 66. Lights, decorations, live music and countless food stations were scattered throughout the grounds.

Consultants were greeted by the Immunotec corporate staff with beautiful shell leis placed around their necks. The party had begun! There were plenty of greetings taking place as everyone renewed friendships with fellow Consultants that they had met on previous Conventions and trips.
The next morning, everyone was up and ready to breakfast together, then gather for the Business Session.

Robert Felton, Chief Operating Officer and Gabriela Moreno, Director General for Mexico hosted the morning where all ranks were introduced; Charlie Orr officially welcomed everyone and shared the ongoing exceptional achievements of our Consultants; Dr. Ricardo García Pelayo shared his impressions of the 2014 BBQ; and three new Platinums, Carmen García Pelayo, María del Carmen Ávila and Joel Martínez were presented their new Immunotec blazers.

Then the ship's horn sounded and it was time to gather luggage and proceed to board ship!

Once everyone found their cabins, unpacked and explored the vast
12-storey ship, they gathered in the immense dining room for a gourmet dinner, the first of many!

Thursday, November 20th

A free day for all to go ashore and explore Ocho Rios, Jamaica. 

Friday, November 21st
Another full day at sea, so it was time to wake up early and join John Molson, for another invigorating fitness hour.Following the fitness hour, everyone was free to enjoy the pool, spa, games such as volleyball, basketball, ping pong, mini-golf, surfing or to simply relax.

At 4:00 p.m. the Immunotec Consultants were hosted to an exclusive presentation of “Encore! An Ice Spectacular”.  It was truly remarkable to see what the skating troup of 10 professionals could do on such a small rink. The show was outstanding!

But, not to be outdone, at 7:00 p.m., the Consultants gathered, once again, in the Platinum Theatre to watch “Saturday Night Fever – The Musical”, the off Broadway show. 

But, the time for disembarking was drawing near, we needed one last party!  At 10:30 p.m., all the Consultants were invited to a Farewell Dessert party that included music and dancing.  Everyone celebrated and enjoyed one last opportunity to share all the fun with each other.

Tuesday, November 18th
First full day at sea and plenty to do!
At 8:00 a.m., Consultants joined
John Molson, Vice-President, Research and Development for an invigorating fitness hour. His fitness class was so invigorating that we noticed even other guests from the ship joined in! Not to worry, it was the perfect opportunity for Consultants to share the Immunotec message!

That evening the Immunotec Awards Ceremony took place in the ship’s magnificent Platinum Theatre. Thirty-five Consultants were recognized for being the top five achievers for each of the Trip Incentive qualification categories.

Wednesday, November 19th
A day on the beaches of beautiful Labadee, Royal Caribbean’s private beach on the north coast of Haiti. What would an incentive trip be without the famous “Beach Olympics”.  This year the teams were fiercely competitive: running, pulling, pitching, jumping and (believe it or not) sandcastle building.  The castles that each team built were huge with gardens, moats, patios, and Immunotec logos.  It was an exhausting but fun experience!

But not too exhausting for everyone to show up at the ice skating rink in the late afternoon to try out their skating skills. Lead by expert skaters, Dr. Jimmy Gutman,
John Molson and Diamond Consultant
Normand Robert, many Consultants had never put on a pair of skates in their lives, let alone glide on ice! But, they were keen and persistent and they gratefully used the rink boards (walls) to cling to as they circled the rink. 

Special congratulations goes out to Rafael García Pelayo who just would not give up trying to master the art of skating! Rafael actually stayed on the ice for a grueling two hours!

Dinner followed and for those who still had some energy left (almost everyone), a 70’s Disco Street Party took place in the Royal Promenade where you could spot the Immunotec Consultants by the glo-jewels that they were wearing.

Saturday, November 22nd

Time to disembark, return home.

Go on Facebook to revisit the fun through all the pictures posted and then let’s continue to build our businesses…

We’ll do this again next year!